Kirsteen M MacKenzie

Kirsteen M MacKenzie

Dr Kirsteen M MacKenzie holds a Master of Arts in History and Politics and obtained her PhD in History both at the University of Aberdeen. Dr MacKenzie is a lecturer in history at the University of Aberdeen   Her primary interests are in Britain and Ireland during the mid seventeenth century she also has an emerging interest in Anglo-French relations during the mid-seventeenth century and Franco-Scottish cultural exchange over long periods of time. Key publications include:

Kirsteen M MacKenzie ‘The Conundrum of Marginality: Mercurius Politicus, Order and the Politics of Glencairn’s Rising’ in Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies (2013).

Kirsteen M MacKenzie, ‘The Great Fire of Glasgow’. ‘ History Scotland (2013).

Kirsteen M MacKenzie,  ‘A Glimpse Behind the Censor: Baillie and the Covenanting Printing Press’. ‘ Notes and Queries (2013).

Kirsteen M  MacKenzie ‘Restoring the Nation? Hamilton and the Politics of the National Covenant’International Review of Scottish Studies  36 (2011).

Kirsteen M MacKenzie ‘The Waiting Game: Cromwellian Diplomacy, the Foreign Experience’Cromwelliana  (2009).

Kirsteen  M MacKenzie, ‘Oliver Cromwell and the Solemn League and Covenant of the Three Kingdoms’ in P. Little ed., ‘Oliver Cromwell: New Perspectives’ (Palgrave, 2008).

Kirsteen MacKenzie, ‘Loyalty to King or Covenant Retained: Presbyterians in the Three Nations and the English Commonwealth 1649-1653’ in Archibald J et al eds., ‘Beyond the Anchoring Grounds: More Cross-Currents in Irish Scottish Studies’ (Belfast, 2005).


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