Cindy Ermus

Cindy Ermus

University of Lethbridge

I am trained primarily as an historian of 18th-century France, but my research interests traverse national boundaries, and encompass various aspects of the Atlantic and Mediterranean worlds. I am especially interested in the study of disease and disaster in port cities. I am the editor of a volume on disaster and risk in the Gulf South (forthcoming), and I am currently completing a global history of the Marseille plague of 1720, which I refer to in my study as the Peste of Provence. It considers the short- and long-term ramifications of the outbreak across geographic boundaries, despite the fact that the disease itself was successfully contained in southeastern France from 1720 to 1722. In particular, I look at the port cities of London, Cádiz, Lisbon, Genoa, Constantinople, and some of the colonies with which these cities were most closely associated in the Atlantic and Asia.


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